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Wayra Prague is closed – but our closest Academy in Munich is seeking new talented teams to join them in their beautiful

#IBM4startups: Born on Cloud

IBM announces that it is offering up to $120,000 credit to Czech entrepreneurs who are willing to use IBM’s cloud software.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014

In November, more than 140 countries host Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). The exact days for this year are November 17 – 23.

PIONEERS 2014: Wayra beats and notes

Every year since 2012, Pioneers Festival brings together the key business players, opinion leaders, hackers, investors and media representatives to celebrate entrepreneurship

HOSTING | Facebook Performance Summit

From social network to scalable marketing tool, we hosted Facebook Performance Summit 2014 organized by Facebook (represented by Peter Podolinsky, Client Partner) and

Wayra Clothing: Lookbook

We designed our very new Wayra CEE t-shirts and it was a tough battle to choose the best quotes from our favorite

Wayra Notes: Webexpo part 3

Petr Reichl – My Startup Journey Through Paris, NYC, San Francisco, Singapore and Back Home

He reminded us that money is not

278k EUR for Wayra CEE startups!

Two Wayra CEE startups announce a total of EUR 278,000 investment four months into the programme

OrderLord announces an investment of EUR 200,000

Wayra launches a new global call

Wayra opens a new global call on the 8th of September. Entrepreneurs from all over the world can put forward their projects up

What is your TQ?

You’ve probably heard of or taken an IQ test, but what does it actually says about you? It measures several factors of intelligence –

9 Startup Legal Commandments

Starting entrepreneurs do not pay much attention to the legal requirements of their newly established businesses. More than a third of them

7 things before Wayra starts

As a greyhound of Czech acceleration programmes (Wayra is my second, after my StartupYard 2012 experience with Pizzatime) I feel obliged to

Ivo Lukacovic is back. With Melown

Ivo Lukacovic, founder and majority owner of the most popular internet portal and search engine in Czech republic, started a new