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About us

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Wayra is Telefónica’s global network of startup accelerators. Located in the heart of Europe, we help the most talented entrepreneurs within the whole CEE region to grow and build successful businesses. Our office is the youngest of 14 Academies scattered around Europe and Latin America.

We utilize our global presence to attract the best mentors, partners and experts from all around the world to advise our teams. We host also many educational and business events in our unique work space in the middle of the beautiful Prague. With everything mentioned above plus access to 300M customers of Telefónica and up to 40k EUR funding — we are the key strategic partner and number one accelerator for startups in the CEE area.

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Our mission is to attract and nurture the best talent from the entire CEE region, and to support local startup communities to reach and fulfill their greatest potential. We believe the next big thing can come from anywhere, anytime. If you have a business or an idea that uses technology to solve problems of the future, we are here to help you succeed.